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Installing Windows How To Guide

Improper Installation of windows could cause a water leak damaging the structure of your house or air leaking in around the window will raise energy cost to heat and cool your home.

It will also require two people to install a window, one person inside to plumb and square the window. And another person outside to nail the window into place

Before installing windows, double check the window opening in the wall should be 3/4"inch to 1"inch bigger in width and in height than the window being installed.

Windows require clearance around the window opening to allow for insulation around the window and this also helps to prevent the house from settling and asserting pressure onto the window making it hard to open and close.

Double check the window opening checking that the sides and bottom are fairly level. Make sure that the window is all the way closed and locked, this helps keep the window straight and square while you are installing it.

Tools Required

The tools required for installing windows are a level(at least a 4' level is recommended), hammer, and
1-1/2"inch roofing nails.

How To Install Windows

Step 1.

Apply a generous amount of caulk all the way around the window on the back side of the nailing flange.

Step 2.

Take two pieces of 1/2"inch plywood(or equivalent) shims and set on the bottom of the window sill in the corners, insert the window into the window opening setting it on top of the shims.

Step 3.

From the inside of the window, center the bottom of the window in the window frame so that you have the same measurement on both sides of the window.

Step 4.

Check the window with the level. If you are standing on the outside of the window and the top of the window needs to goto the left to be level, before moving the top over to be level put one nail in the bottom left corner. If the top of the window needs to goto the right put one nail in the bottom right corner before leveling

Step 5.

Move the top of the window over to make the window level. Put a nail in the top two corners, nail the other bottom corner not nailed yet.

step 6.

Now open the window raising the bottom window all the way up, then close the window till the window is just cracked open about a 1/8"inch. The reveal(or gap between the bottom of the window sash and the window sill) should be the same on both sides. If the reveal is uneven the middle of the window will need to be adjusted.

Step 7.

Check that the vertical sides of the window are straight, if not adjust as necessary. Nail around the perimeter of the window every six to eight inches.

Step 8.

After the window is nailed into place, use water proof tape around the outside flange to seal out water and air. Then either stuff insulation into the gaps around the inside of the window or use a window and door grade spray foam to fill the gaps.