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Outlet Wiring How To Guide

Standard outlets are rated for 15 amps which would allow you to use NM-B 14-2 wire.

But if your breakers are 20amp breakers in the breaker box then you have to be sure to get the outlets rated for 20amps and use NM-B 12-2 wire(rated to carry 20amps).

Using 14-2 for wiring outlets, just stab the wire into the back of the oulet in the quicj connect slots. Be sure to connect the black wires in the holes marked hot, the white wire will go in the hole marked (white), and the ground wires goes to the grounding screw.

If you are using 12-2 (20amps) you will have to use the screws on the side of the outlet to connect the wires.

Outlets are wired in groups usully grouped per room. There for one wire runs from the breaker box to the first outlet. Then another wire going from the first outlet to the next outlet and so on...

There for there is going to be at least two wires.These two wires will have three wires inside the two wires, (black),(white),and a bare copper(ground) wire.

For cases where there is more than one wire to connect to the outlet, connect one wire at a time and repeat steps two through four for each wire.

Outlet Wiring Diagram

Outlet Wiring Diagram

How To Wire A Outlet

Outlet Wiring Outlet Wiring

Step 1.

Prepare the wires for connecting them to the outlet, strip the plastic down from the end of the wires half an inch.

Step 2.

Take the black(hot) wire and insert it into back of the outlet where labeled (hot).

Step 3.

Take the white(neutral) wire and insert it into the back of the outlet where labeled (white).

Step 4.

Take the ground wire and connect it to the grounding screw located on the outlet itself.

Step 5.

After the wiring is done just mount the outlet to the electric box in the wall and install the cover plate.