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Sweat Shut Off Valve How To Guide

Sweat shut off valves are used in plumbing systems to be able to control the water supply lines in zones or sections.

Be sure to have the valve in the open position when you are soldering the valve on to the pipes.

If you solder the valve to the pipes with the valve in the closed position it occasionally solders the valve shut and you will not be able to open the valve.

Before the steps below make sure you drain all the water out of the water lines, any water in the pipe will not let the pipe get hot enough for the solder to take to the pipe or will cause a leak.

Important!!! Both the pipe and the fittings must be completly dry before soildering also make sure the valve is in the open position.

Soldering A Sweat Valve.

Step 1.

Using steel wool or sand paper clean the end of the copper pipe and the inside of the shut off valve where the pipe inserts into the shut off valve.

Step 2.

Apply tinning flux to the valve and to the pipe, then insert the pipe into the valve.

Step 3.

Make sure the valve is open and take a wet rag and wrap around the valve to prevent the heat from melting the rubber seals inside the valve.

Step 4.

Go ahead and solder the valve onto the pipe, after you solder the valve don't touch it for a couple minutes it will be hot and any vibration before the solder drys can cause a leak.

Step 5.

Turn on on the water and check for leaks.